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surface coating,specialized bike component,bearings,EcoCCT,precision bearings,miniature bearings,bicycle bearings,bike bearings,ceramic bearings,ball bearings,lubricants,grease

bearings,EcoCCT,precision bearings,stainless ceramic bearings,specialized bike component,miniature bearings,bicycle bearings,bike bearings,ceramic bearings,ball bearings,lubricants

  • Specialized
  • Specialized
  • By and large, ceramic materials divide into 3 types, Si3N4, Zro2, AL2O3. Si3N4 - ceramic silicon nitride has better performance and is suitable for applications where high loads, high speeds and extreme temperatures are factors. Long life and the need for minimum lubrication makes this material perfect for harsh conditions.

    Density: 3.2g/cm³
    Hardness:HV 1500 min
    Density: 6.2g/cm³
    Hardness:HV 1100 min
    Density: 3.7g/cm³
    Hardness:HV 1500