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bicycle bearings,bearings,precision bearings,EcoCCT,miniature bearings,bike bearings,ceramic bearings,ball bearings,lubricants,grease

EcoCCT,bearings,miniature bearings,precision bearings,bike bearings,bicycle bearings,ceramic bearings,ball bearings,lubricants,grease

  • about us
  • About us
  • “Better environment”, “better society”, “better future.”

    Technology has brought us convenience of living, yet industrial and commercial development has also brought damages to the earth. Making a “better environment” is EcoCCT’s fundamental philosophy. We respect the nature, protect the environment, and actively engage in promoting green industry.

    Making a “better society” is our attitude. EcoCCT also anonymously engages in charity institutions and activities, and educates our employees about the importance of giving back to our society.

    Making a “better future” is where we put our eyes on. Our R&D strives for better performance materials and innovations for our products. For a better future of all the mankind, we make our best effort, along with you.

    Because we have only one earth that we’re sharing with each other.